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13mm Chrome 5-Petal Goodyear Gasser Tires (Single Axle)


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Introducing our set of 13mm Chrome 5-Petal wheels, specially designed to add a touch of retro elegance to your Hot Wheels gasser cars. These wheels feature a unique 5-petal design that exudes vintage charm and a captivating chrome finish that demands attention. The 13mm tire provides optimal performance and stability for your gasser builds, ensuring they are ready to dominate the imaginary drag strips. To enhance the authenticity, these wheels come with printed Goodyear sidewalls, adding a realistic touch that harkens back to the golden age of drag racing. Upgrade your collection with this set of 13mm Chrome 5-Petal wheels and watch as your gasser Hot Wheels cars turn heads with their timeless style, capturing the essence of classic drag racing with every spin.

Please note: This set includes wheels pre-mounted on a single axle for your convenience.  Check out our full range of customization products to explore endless possibilities and unleash your imagination in customizing your Hot Wheels cars.


5 Petal Flower



Tire Size


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