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10mm Chrome Turbine Wheels (Full Set)


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Introducing our exceptional set of 10mm Chrome Turbine wheels, meticulously designed to enhance the style and performance of your Hot Wheels cars. These wheels feature a unique turbine design that exudes a sense of speed and dynamic motion. The chrome color adds a brilliant shine, reflecting light and adding a touch of sophistication to your miniature vehicles. Upgrade your customs with this set of 10mm Chrome Turbine wheels, and watch as your cars come to life with an irresistible combination of style and performance. These wheels will not only turn heads but also captivate the imagination of collectors and enthusiasts, making your Hot Wheels cars stand out from the rest with their sleek and futuristic appearance.

Please note: Each set includes two axles, providing you with everything you need to complete one car with these stunning wheels.





Tire Size


Axel Width


Inside Axel Width


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