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13mm Chrome 10-Spoke with Hoosier Gasser Tires (Single Axle)


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Ignite the nostalgia and unleash the power of your Hot Wheels gasser cars with our exceptional set of 13mm Chrome 10-Spoke Gasser wheels. These wheels are designed to capture the essence of vintage drag racing, combining a striking chrome finish with an aggressive 10-spoke configuration. The 13mm tire offers optimal performance and stability for gasser-style builds, while the printed Hoosier sidewalls add an authentic touch that will transport you back to the golden era of drag strips. Upgrade your custom with this set of 13mm Chrome 10-Spoke Gasser wheels and watch as your gasser Hot Wheels cars dominate the imaginary drag strips with their eye-catching chrome shine and unmistakable Hoosier tire branding, capturing the spirit of classic drag racing in every turn.

Please note: This set includes wheels pre-mounted on a single axle for your convenience.  You get one (1) axle perfect for the rear of the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser.


10 Spoke



Tire Size


Axel Width


Inside Axel Width


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