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12mm Black Deep Dish Hoosier Tires – Mattel (Full Set)


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Introducing our exceptional set of 12mm Black Deep Dish wheels, specially designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of pickup trucks with narrow inside axle clearance. These wheels feature a deep dish design that allows for optimal clearance, making them a perfect fit for your narrow axle trucks. The sleek black color adds a touch of boldness, complementing the rugged look of your miniature pickup trucks. To add an authentic touch, these wheels come with Hoosier printed sidewalls, showcasing the renowned tire brand’s attention to detail and performance. Upgrade your collection of pickup trucks with this set of 12mm Black Deep Dish wheels, and witness as your trucks come to life with enhanced performance and a striking appearance, perfectly tailored for narrow inside axle clearance and capturing the essence of ruggedness.

Please note: These are Mattel wheels.  Each set includes two axles, providing you with everything you need to complete one truck with these remarkable wheels.


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