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10mm Red 4-Spoke JDM (Full Set)


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Introducing our exceptional set of 10mm Red 4-Spoke wheels, meticulously crafted to enhance the performance and style of your JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Hot Wheels cars. These wheels feature a sleek and sporty 4-spoke design that exudes a sense of dynamism and authenticity. The deep red color adds a pop of boldness, perfectly complementing the vibrant nature of JDM cars.  Upgrade your Hot Wheels collection with this set of 10mm Red 4-Spoke wheels, and watch as your JDM cars come to life with a combination of outstanding performance and eye-catching aesthetics, capturing the essence of the JDM culture in every detail.

Please note: Each set includes two axles, providing you with everything you need to complete one car with these stunning wheels.


4 Spoke



Tire Size


Axel Width


Inside Axel Width


Tire Color