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10mm Chrome Deep Dish with Green Stripe Tires (Full Set)


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Experience the perfect fusion of style and performance with our remarkable set of 10mm Chrome Deep Dish wheels. These wheels boast a deep dish design that adds an aggressive and muscular look to your Hot Wheels cars. The captivating chrome finish enhances their visual appeal, reflecting light and drawing attention to the intricate details. Complete with green stripe printed sidewalls, these wheels exude a bold and dynamic aesthetic. Upgrade your collection with this set of 10mm Chrome Deep Dish wheels and witness as your Hot Wheels cars transform into head-turning masterpieces that command attention both on and off the track.

Please note: These are Mattel wheels.  This set includes wheels pre-mounted on axles for your convenience. You get enough to customize 1 car.  Check out our full range of customization products to explore endless possibilities and unleash your imagination in customizing your Hot Wheels cars.


Deep Dish



Tire Size


Axel Width


Inside Axel Width


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