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12mm Chrome Classic 5-Spoke Mag with Goodyear Tires (Full Set)


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Add a touch of timeless style to your custom trucks with our 12mm Chrome Classic 5-Spoke Mag Wheels, paired with Goodyear tires.

These wheels are the epitome of classic car culture, featuring polished chrome 5-spoke mag rims that exude elegance and a nod to vintage automotive design. The detailed craftsmanship of the 5-spoke pattern ensures that your custom trucks capture the essence of a true classic.

Upgrade your Hot Wheels with the 12mm Chrome Classic 5-Spoke Mag with Goodyear Tires – where timeless design meets top-notch quality.


  • Classic 5-spoke mag rims in polished chrome
  • Goodyear tires for a realistic touch
  • Perfect for adding a vintage, high-performance look to your custom trucks.

Please note: Each set includes two axles, providing you with everything you need to complete one truck with these remarkable wheels.


5 Spoke



Tire Size


Axel Width


Inside Axel Width


Tire Color